Charlotte Spencer Projects work in unusual spaces in order to open up new forms of conversation and change how and where performances happen. Through each artistic project, we strive to build community by inviting people to re-encounter themselves in relationship to their lives and their environment.  

“This walk in the park was hands-down, feet-down the most magical dance event of my year” – David Jays, Dancing Times (Review of Walking Stories during Dance Umbrella 2015)


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In the The Observer

Last autumn, Charlotte was interviewed by Luke Jennings from The Observer about her new work, her background and artistic interests. Have a read 

Official Trailer – Is this a Waste Land?

Compass Commission 2016/17

We have been offered a Compass Commission from Greenwich Dance and Trinity Laban to support the making of Is this a Waste Land? in 2017. We are excited to have been selected along with two other artists, Laura Dannequin and Julie Cunningham.


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Is this a Waste Land?
A performance through headphones for a disused urban space.

Amidst an intricate sound world, audience members and performers respond to multi-stranded head-phoned invitations and together they create a unique shared experience. Tentatively, carefully, urgently many worlds are created, destroyed, re-purposed, re-imagined in this generous playground built by everyone.

Is this a Waste Land? invites us to consider how we value space, waste, home, belonging and community.

How do we decide what a piece of land is worth?
What makes us feel like we belong?
How can we be together?

Find out more ⟶


Walking Stories – an audio walk for parks

Supplied with mp3 players and headphones, audiences share in a unique outdoor experience, where green spaces become part of an exploratory, interactive and fully immersive audio journey. Moving between watching, listening, and following instructions, Walking Stories takes you on a journey with yourself. Find out more ⟶

4 **** Guardian Review

“a treasure hunt danced through the trees” The Guardian ★★★★ – Read full Review

The blog thread of this website provides a space for people outside of rehearsals to have a glimpse into our working process. It also gives us the challenge of trying to write/share what we’re doing as it develops – so inherently tricky to articulate something 2-dimensionally that is utterly physical, web-like, messy, and multi-dimensional, especially when we’re in the midst of it. Have a read! 

Postcards from ITAWL Corby
by Petra Söör

One morning on the way into rehearsals on site, I sit in the back of the car with Mary Oliver’s “Dream Work” in my hand and randomly open a page. My eyes fall on the following lines midway through a poem… Read on⟶

Tales from the making of Is this a Waste Land?
by Keren Kossow

So, this week has been, shall we say, frustrating, to say the very least in Waste Land world. For a little window, here are all the things that have gone wrong (that we can actually admit to!)…Read on⟶

Practice and Projects
by Jennifer-Lynn Crawford

“…I’ve been toying with re-framing the themes as such; not in terms of content, but re-considering them as maybe part of a different species, a more exotic breed than those I’m accustomed to…” Read on⟶

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