Is this a Waste Land? is our new performance through headphones for a disused urban space.

First performances will be in April and May 2017. Read all about it on the Is this a Waste Land? pages

Walking Stories captured by Pari Naderi

One morning during our time at Stour Valley Arts in the Kings Wood, Kent, we had the pleasure of being joined by Pari Naderi to take some photographs of Walking Stories in motion. Here is a little sample of the extremely beautiful pictures that she took. The sun was shining and Pari captured the forests and the energy of Walking Stories in its full glory: it’s speed and its stillness, the attention that it draws to space, to small details, to ourselves. June 2013

All photographs by Pari Naderi

Artists in the images: Jennifer-Lynn Crawford, Tristan Shorr, Tom Spencer, Charlotte Spencer, David McCormick.