Start again…

sharing some notes from residencies at K3, Hamburg and Le Pacifique |CDC, Grenoble, July 2011:

An ocean of landing
helped into landing
and then rising
the ocean moving into the distance
is this how dying looks?
about rising
how can we melt into the sky?
into flight
pushing, reaching
flow moving upwards
brimming over
so much up that the body can’t 
contain it anymore
and so you go up
each landing is as if it’s the only one
and once you have become the ground you are born again so that you can land again.

sharing energy to make more

becoming the ground
How much down is there in going up?
How much sky in the ground?
How polar/dual, how whole is this rising, landing, taking off, becoming the ground thing?
keeping going, keep on being
start again
i keep going
we keep being
the world is hanging
we are just drawing it down into a plane of ‘now time’, ‘today time’
what is the nature of your relationship?
what happens?
start again
what is it that makes these sacrum dances so special?
over-whelming feeling from witnessing/watching/participating – dancing is good for people. that’s enough. 

start again


Cycle Stories: ‘I come from/I am from…’ Day 12

Jennifer: ‘I come from a rather dirty floor.  I come from several dirty floors in fact, my life is a series of floors.  I come from a place of floors being important.  I come from my father hoovering religiously each Sunday.  I come from having to wear socks all the time lest my foot oil disturb the sanctity of the carpet.  I come from important floors.  I am from floors that are disagreeable, hard, cold and brook no resistance.  I come from floors that seem to be telling me the ground is not a friendly surface.  I come from an unfriendly ground and so then I must inquire how that is for me.  I come from leading myself into questions like this all too often.  I come from turning myself in circles because I feel I might get somewhere this time around.  I come from a recognition of that and an absolute inability to cease circling.  I come from hard surfaces and concentric circles. I come from several rather different ideas about space and movement.  I come from linearity and spherical motion, rotation around an axis, an axis around which I rotate.’

Ben: ‘…I am from what people have made of me. Who I am is all that has been before and all my potential. I am from the most beautiful mind set which makes me sure that I am doing the right thing even though my body protests it. I am with the world. I come from spiritual connections that I can’t separate myself from. have I lived before? I quite like to think so although I would like to be a rabbit, no some kind of primate because I like the idea or a opposable toes. Imagine having hands for feet. I come from monkeys but only the clever ones…’

Anna: ‘…I come from/I am from makes me afraid. I come from/I am from makes me feel that experiences stick and don’t slide off like you might want them to…’

Sara: ‘…“I come from” funny how much I resist this statement, how my mind keeps going in doubles, duals, in two lines at the same time the impulse which comes to me seem like the conventional way of looking at it. It’s no news I don’t want to look at things according to templates but with this simple question or statement ‘I come from’, so many things about how I perceive myself and how I believe others perceive me comes out. So if I look at ‘i am from’ well the next thing is I am from the stars, some sort of hippy statement pops into my mind perhaps we have not given enough time and effort to really go to the bottom of this perhaps I am from myself, the the more interesting question is ‘what am I from?’


Cycle Stories: ‘We are moving…’ Day 11

Charlotte: ‘…We are moving together. coming together. separately again. we are moving towards a common place that we want to share with us with other us with life and self and speak in you and me and we, us moving. making. movie making. maybe. we are moving from this time to another in now from this Hamburg place towards disparate place. when will we move together again? and when we leave what do we take with us? what does it move in us? what we? we are moving….’

Ben: ‘We are moving together, apart, against each other, towards a goal. Each goal separate but still we are together. Move me to where I’m supposed to be otherwise I will not shift, contort, trust, misplaced occasionally. Better to fall on your face. Who needs to stop moving? Every second some part of the body is firing. trying to best itself. It’s purpose for existence….’

Jennifer: ‘…Can we move in opposite directions?  We are moving away from each other, which can be a physical distance but we can also move away from an existing intimacy, leave it to shrivel in the vacuum left by our presence.  Or maybe only one moves away and then is left to nurse this bit of emotional clingingness as it slowly collapses in on itself.  We are moving and moving we are ourselves.  We are moving each other, we are moving ourselves, alone, to make others move in a certain direction…’

Anna: ‘…We are moving towards Charlotte’s 3 hour piece. We are moving with the cranes, they are lifting and landing us. We are moving towards flight. We are moving towards compost. Sometimes we are not moving towards anything. We are moving for a reason, multiple reasons…’

Sara: ‘We are moving through space, through empty black space, no it’s not empty it’s full of glistening shards of stars, light sources, all those things you imagine being inside, filling that big empty! – space. We are moving fast, the wind catching our clothes, they are moving with us in the wind of speed, we are moving and everything around us seems to be still, solitude, solitary space all around us, but we, we are moving, together, laughing, speaking very little, just moving…’

Cycle stories – writing streams: ‘Keeping Going’ Day 6

Excerpts from writing streams

Jennifer: ‘… keep going on being self is a way to keep going. is there only this way? keep going on and on and round and round in circles. i keep going on and often it seems there is no end. i keep on to find the end un-end. what is there is no end?… i keep going on, running out, leaking from the cracks in my personality. a little well spring of words and movement. odd sounds. keep being safe keep being alive…’

Anna: “Keeping going, keep on going, being, be in, be in, keep on. Keeping. Keeping going, going gone. Gone. Keep gone going. Going. going gone. Being. Keeping being in going. Keeping going by being. Keeping going by being. Keep in by going. Keep in through being. Be in by being. In what though! Ahhh. Keep in it. innit. I knit. Not knit. Keeping in it. Do you knit? Being in it by being in it. Being through being. Be involved. Keep in by being involved. Keep involved. Keep being involved, Anna. Anna. Keeping going Anna. Keeping being Anna. Stop writing Anna. Being involved. Engaged. Being engaged. Being being by being engaged Anna. Going . Keeping going Anna. Keeping going engaged Anna. Anna is engage. Don’t disengage.”


Charlotte: ‘keeping going, keeping being. keep on being. Being in. Being there. Being me. Being present without the thinking about being. Less time space for thinking more going being. Keeping on is the way of forwards backwards non thinking…And what about being whilst watching. the I can’t be wishing for anything if I am truly being. Keep on going with being with what I am seeing now and now and now. this now, not tomorrow’s now. Being with these people – this Jennifer and Tom and Anna and Ben and being me with them. with less judging and more me-ness of now and now and not what was then…’

Ben: ‘…Death is the end of being …but its not because the cells that are decomposing are still evolving and becoming something new. To be, is to refresh the system constantly second by second but this could lead you to distraction and to be distracted by the world is to be a part of momentum which is itself being.’