Start again…

sharing some notes from residencies at K3, Hamburg and Le Pacifique |CDC, Grenoble, July 2011:

An ocean of landing
helped into landing
and then rising
the ocean moving into the distance
is this how dying looks?
about rising
how can we melt into the sky?
into flight
pushing, reaching
flow moving upwards
brimming over
so much up that the body can’t 
contain it anymore
and so you go up
each landing is as if it’s the only one
and once you have become the ground you are born again so that you can land again.

sharing energy to make more

becoming the ground
How much down is there in going up?
How much sky in the ground?
How polar/dual, how whole is this rising, landing, taking off, becoming the ground thing?
keeping going, keep on being
start again
i keep going
we keep being
the world is hanging
we are just drawing it down into a plane of ‘now time’, ‘today time’
what is the nature of your relationship?
what happens?
start again
what is it that makes these sacrum dances so special?
over-whelming feeling from witnessing/watching/participating – dancing is good for people. that’s enough. 

start again


Cycle Stories: Start again… Day 7 cont’d

During our time in Hamburg, I initiated a series of improvisation scores that used the device of ‘start again’ which could be called at a point when someone on the ‘outside’ felt that they desired a change, a shift, a renewal, reset of some sort. Often for me, I called ‘start again’ when I felt that the quality of presence of those moving in the space had got lost a little. it proved interesting and useful as a compositional tool and as a way of encouraging increasing clarity, presence and engagement in every moment of each improvisation.

the following are a few extracts from the writing streams that run alongside these danced scores…

Charlotte: ‘…start again is like, come back. come back to yourself and start again. there is this thing of constantly starting again which makes me feel that i should stay with something for longer. does the interesting ‘thing’ happen when you start again or when you stick?…starting again to come back to me.’

Anna: ‘…To start again is abrupt. To start again. Starting again is to change – renew – to leave behind that which is started. Starting again is to start a new thing but to stop being the old thing. It’s a polite term for a hard thing. To start again is to be able to produce and throw away. Starting again is stopping preciousness…’

Sara: ‘Start again you said, or I wanted to have heard these words. Start again, how could I ever have forgotten, how can I ever forget, I want to forget what is heavy and painful and damaging – well the thing is, – it is not about starting all the heavy things again – it’s about starting the freshness & the simplicity again, as it is when you start again…’

discussing important things. Charlotte and Jennifer outside K3, Hamburg

Jennifer: ‘…Start again is to carry on but with a fresh breath, a slight adjustment of scenery.  Start again start and gain.  I gain in starting again.  To start again is not like a beginning, it doesn’t have the same melody as a return and it really avoids the whole problem of ending…’


Cycle Stories: Tomorrow… Day 7

Extracts from writing streams. And while I’m thinking of it, perhaps a quick note about the writing stream. I give the subject. This must be the start of every sentence. You can change the tense. Occasionally you can break the rules. You must keep writing (you can’t break that rule) 5 mins only. We time it!

Jennifer: ‘…Tomorrow is always just there isn’t it – just lurking around the corner, not here yet, it is like trying to stay ‘present’, thinking about tomorrow.  Tomorrow is a useless rather tempting concept – if I am in each day then all days qualify as today and tomorrow is one of todays that hasn’t todayed yet.  Or maybe it has – actually tomorrow is a concept for something that has already taken place in our heads – I’ve made my plans for tomorrow, tomorrow is already sewn up in today….’

Ben: ‘Tomorrow I will feel lighter, brighter, smarter, closer to the people around me. To what I want to achieve in life. but there is no end to tomorrow so that may never come, but this is not a bad thing or something to be feared. Tomorrow may prove something impossible may happen or I may eat less on a daily basis. Why do we judge the world on what not happened yet? always looking to the future, which repeats the past and yet no one seems to realise it…’

Sara: ‘…Tomorrow I want to be with you. Tomorrow I would like all obstacles that we have today to have melted away, disintegrated into a deeper understanding about ourselves, about us a unit and about how we function together and how we can function together, practically, emotionally, psychologically – tomorrow… i want tomorrow to be now, I want to be with you now, i don’t want to wait, yes i think i have a problem with ‘tomorrow’…’

Jennifer and Ben in Hamburg

Charlotte: ‘…tomorrow I try not to dwell too much in tomorrow. I used to but that was before. now I’m better at pretending to myself that I’m better at being in now and not wishing for tomorrow. pretending, fooling, right word not here – maybe i’ll find it tomorrow. tomorrow that world where I am more than today…’

Anna: ‘…Tomorrow is what we think of when writing of today but we don’t say that, oh no…tomorrow what I will want will be different. To what I want tomorrow today. Tomorrow today becomes yesterday. Tomorrow I will have all that has happened and all that has not yet…Tomorrow’s focus is being becoming and owning being and becoming today…Tomorrow is not living, that is left to today.’