Touring around

We’ve been dashing around the country(ies) this past month. I’ve got very good at untangling headphones and charging mp3 players, checking weather forecasts and examining google maps. Two of our destinations were in Brittany, France. We were invited first to Brest and then to Sarzeau on the Rhys Peninsula and I felt extremely privileged to be there. Laure Bachelot was a wonderful and quite frankly essential translation and artistic support, given that my French is embarrassingly terrible (MUST do something about that!) The equally wonderful Petra Soor also joined us in Sarzeau where we presented Embodied Drawing as well as Walking Stories. The sun shone, the walks were received with delight, the French appeared to make sense (well done Anne-Gaelle Thiriot!) and we adventured Walking Stories onto a white sand beach, the grounds of a Castle and a lost garden. Thank you to Dansce Dialogues 2 for supporting the tour and making the initial connections.

Here are a little collection of photos from the trip to the Rhys Peninsula care of Petra Soor.

In the meantime, if you are Yorkshire/Northern based, then we are in Roundhay Park, Leeds this coming weekend 14/15th June. If you haven’t already experienced Walking Stories, then now’s your chance! Roundhay Park is huge and beautiful – come and join us for a  walk in the park. Booking HERE!