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30 mins approx, available for touring/film festivals.

This documentary film shares our journey in the making of Walking Stories. We took our walk for a cycle. We lived, ate, worked and travelled together by bicycle across England and France for two months, and through it we made Walking Stories. 7 bicycles, 28 panniers, 5 tents, 1 trailer and a sound system. With original sound score and beautiful scenography, this unique film by David McCormick presents the over-arching concerns of the project, and offers new insights into the making of artistic work.

It is all of the stuff that comes up but doesn’t get used. We find the ‘story’ of the film through the process of the project.

Concept and Direction: Charlotte Spencer
Film maker: David McCormick
Sound score: Tristan Shorr
Narration: Charlotte Spencer
Script writing: Jennifer-Lynn Crawford, Charlotte Spencer

A short video from our first day of cycling 11th May 2013, Brighton – Portsmouth