Walking Stories (2013)


Walking Stories is a group audio-walk for parks.

You don’t come to watch Walking Stories: you live it, breathe it, build and dismantle it. Supplied with mp3 players and headphones, a walk in the park becomes an interactive and completely immersive audio experience. Moving between watching, listening, and following instructions, Walking Stories takes you on a journey with yourself and your companions.

The headphones remove you from the clutter of the rest of your life, and gradually you sink into a spacious place to share with others and explore for yourself.

It is a hugely inclusive and inviting experience, available to all ages and fitness levels.

‘This walk in the park was hands-down, feet-down the most magical dance event of my year’ David Jays, Dancing Times 2015

‘A treasure hunt danced through the trees’ **** The Guardian 2015

‘Contemplative and profound, Charlotte Spencer Project’s audio walk is one of the most calming, quietly beautiful and evocative outdoor pieces I have ever experienced.’ Fringe Review, Brighton International Festival 2014

‘all-embracing sensurround happening that totally captured the joyous, exhilarating, occasionally giddy, and sometimes unsettling power of simply being there, in the moment…you had to be there to be part of it.’ Hastings Online Times

Walking Stories was created in 2013 and has toured widely in the UK, France and Portugal including Brighton International Festival 2014, Dance Umbrella – London 2015, Festival DDD – Porto 2016.

Walking Stories is available in English, French and Portuguese.

Concept and Artistic Direction: Charlotte Spencer
Music and Sound Design: Tristan Shorr, Tom Spencer
Text, dramaturgy: Charlotte Spencer, Jennifer-Lynn Crawford, Bruno Humberto
Supporting Artists: Rohanna Eade, Anne-Gäelle Thiriot, Janine Harrington, Simon Pascoe
English Narration: Tristan Shorr
French translation and narration: Anne-Gäelle Thiriot
Portuguese translation and narration: Bruno Humberto
Tour manager, cook, bike and people fixer: Alex Moran
Graphic Design: Studio Sara Popowa
Photography: Pari Naderi
Production and management: Keren Kossow (orginal production with Morton Bates Arts Services)

Walking Stories video trailer