Writing streams: I come from/ I am from


a note on the text from Gavin:

this was an interesting exercise for me, as i wouldn’t ever usually consider writing a text with so many ‘i’s in; otherwise the text is a direct flow referencing a suprising number of things: the exercise itself (‘coming from writing’); elements associated with the project (breath, sea, waves, etc); chinese & japanese philosophy (the ‘uncarved block’ is a taoist image, timebeing – uji – is an essay by the 13th century zen master eihei dogen that i was reading as part of my preparation for the project); and also actual perceived events happening at that time – the ‘voices from below’, ‘sound of writing’, and ‘sound passing from overhead’ – a plane.

the above text is really the third version; the original exercise was hand written, and isn’t as spatially formed as the version above, although i was certainly aware that it would lean that way if typed up later; i was also writing with the awareness that i would be reading the text, and so encouraged myself to be open to a kind of stream of writing that would have a musical rhythm to it when read – performed – and in fact the words were appearing in thought as sounded, so the hand-written version isn’t perhaps really the ‘first’ version at all….

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