The Nature of Things (2011)

The Nature of Things (2011)

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The initial impetus for this work came from a book called ‘Li’ by David Wade. It takes the Chinese term ‘li’ (‘form’) and applies it to naturally occurring living patterns, such as branching and spiral forms; erosion and aggregation processes. I wanted to investigate choreographic structures that create these patterns – how are they established? what happens when they are put under pressure? how does change happen?

The Nature of Things is full of circles and spirals, wind blowing across long grass in open fields, birds flying. It is about Jennifer, Tom, Petra, Gavin and Tom working together to organise and re-organise themselves in an expansive landscape of movement and sound.

In order to present the alive nature of these ideas about patterning, the performers to make live choices about how the piece unfolds. They embody these concepts, not to represent, but to re-encounter the natural world through dance and sound. The work is increasingly about the individuals themselves: about how they share the space, and the ideas; about how they negotiate these patterns and structures as human, feeling people.

‘The Nature of Things’ was generously funded by: Arts Council England,  South East Dance, The Point, Eastleigh, Patrons of Charlotte Spencer Projects.