Embodied Drawing (2012 – 14)

Embodied Drawing (2012 – )

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Embodied Drawing is a dance performance and a collection of drawings. It is in constant flux between process and product –  intimate dances take place on top of large white sheets of paper taped to the ground, dotted with lumps of graphite, charcoal, chalk. The marks left become the document/trace of the dance that happened. In turn these drawings become the food/inspiration for the next dance. 

Embodied Drawing started as a collaborative research project with visual artist, Kimbal Bumstead and aimed to combine and explore dance and drawing in mutual cross-fertilization. How can dance as a medium be used in exploring drawing as an interactive and physical process? Equally, how can drawing, in its broadest sense – as the physical engagement with a material process – be constructive in the development of movement practice? ‘Embodied Drawing’ pulls its influences from two coherent independent practices, which share drawing and movement as a common theme. This research is about people, journeys and tracing, about using touch to tease out greater connectivity between different brain centres – both intuitive and intellectual spaces.

Embodied drawing has been generously supported by The Point, Eastleigh and Patrons of Charlotte Spencer Projects. Many thanks to all the artists who have contributed their time, commitment and creativity to this research: Kimbal Bumstead, Jennifer-Lynn Crawford, Naomi Cook, Rohanna Eade, Thomas Goodwin, Janine Harrington, Nicholas Keegan, Sara Popowa, Tristan Shorr and Tom Spencer.