Cycle Stories/Walking Stories (2013)

Cycle Stories, 2013

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Cycle Stories 2013 was a long, durational piece of artistic work conceived of and realised by Charlotte Spencer Projects. With a collection of dancers, sound artists and a filmmaker, we lived Cycle Stories for 3 summer months across England and France, travelling 3000km by bicycle via a series of artistic residencies. The journey was our studio in the making of Walking Stories – an intricately choreographed audio walk for parks. Cycle Stories , a film has captured our unique journey and creative process as it unfolded. Cycle Stories was a process, a journey, a collection of maps and a series of exchanges.

A word from Charlotte about this unusual and original way of making choreographic work:

“I wanted to make a work that was deeply choreographic but hugely accessible and inclusive. I wanted to dismantle the edge between performance and audience space/ stage and life, to invite our audience into a physical and tactile experience of the work almost without them noticing. They spend an hour walking in a green space and gradually the audio experience draws them into renewed connections with themselves, the place, and the others. 

And I decided that in order to be able to do this well, we the creators of that walk also needed to take a journey together. A long one. To remain in the landscape and feel the work seeping into us, not just think about it in a ‘brainy’ way from the bubble of a studio. We took our walk for a cycle, and together the artistic team travelled between each creative residency by bicycle. 3000km, 7 bicycles, 28 paniers, 1 trailer and a sound system, we remained in the landscape, close to the ground. A little community – camping, eating, sleeping and working together.

Cycle Stories was a structure I created purposefully to keep us closer to the work we were making. It was full of unknown, uncertainty, challenge, surprise and stretch.”

Cycle Stories is rooted in sustainability. We cycled to raise awareness about environmentalism, to encourage cycling, to see the landscape change and give more space to all those ‘in between’ moments. We would love you to support this project by taking action to live more sustainably. See our Climate change & Art page

Cycle Stories was brought to life by:
Core Artists: Charlotte Spencer, Jennifer-Lynn Crawford, Tristan Shorr, Tom Spencer, David McCormick, Bruno Humberto
Supporting Artists: Rohanna Eade, Anne-Gaelle Thiriot, Janine Harrington, Simon Pascoe, Alex Moran
Producer: Joe Bates
Project Management: Morton Bates Arts Services
Photographer: Pari Naderi, Alex Moran, Kimbal Bumstead
Graphic Design: Studio Sara Popowa

Cycle Stories was generously supported by:

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