On the road – France so far…

A short selection of images taken by David on the road for Jennifer who couldn’t be with us physically (though in fact she is travelling with us astrally….) More coming soon. We’re in Nevers at the moment! One week to reach Grenoble. Cycle Stories in lots of motion…

Exploring Caen

Like many coastal cities, heavy industry has been receding in Caen for many years. Some of these sites have been snapped up by commercial development, many more abandoned, it’s incredible to see how relentlessly nature reclaims them, creating rich green pockets, like accidental parks scattered around the centre of the city.

Bruno of CCN, our unstoppable guide around this city helped us find some of these fascinating places and somehow persuaded city authorities to allow us to stage our first French sharing of Walking Stories in a dramatic wasteland in the heart of Caen’s industrial port.

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