Charlotte Spencer – Artistic Director

Current Collaborators

Artists working on Is this a Waste Land?

Petra Söör – Dancer
Ben Ash – Dancer
Kirsty Arnold – Dancer
Louise Tanoto – Dancer
Ben McEwan – Dancer
Tom Spencer – Composer and sound artist
James Keane – Composer and sound artist
Jennifer-Lynn Crawford – Project mentor, rehearsal director & Text
Pari Naderi – Photographer
Alex Moran – Web Design/Graphic Design
(Kip Johnson and Neil Callaghan worked on research phases)

Artists working on Walking Stories

Tristan-1             Jennifer.2
Tristan Shorr – Sound Artist                                   Jennifer-Lynn Crawford – Dance Artist

Tom2            Charlotte Spencer Projects curate The Supper Room at Greenwich Dance, London.
Tom Spencer – Sound Artist                                  Rohanna Eade – Dance Artist

Bruno           Charlotte Spencer Projects curate The Supper Room at Greenwich Dance, London.
Bruno Humberto – Performer/Writer                   David McCormick – Video Artist

Anne-Gaelle Thiriot – Dance Artist/translator

Collaborators from previous projects and research for current work
Studio Sara Popowa – Photographer/Graphic Designer, Janine Harrington – Dancer/writer, Thomas Goodwin – Dancer, Kimbal Bumstead – Visual Artist, Gavin Osborn – Sound, Laura Dannequin – Dancer, Elena Giannotti – Dancer / mentor, Tamar Daly – Dancer, Amy Bell – Dancer, Nicholas Keegan – Dancer, Glasshopper – Photographer / Visual Artist, Claire McEwan – Textiles and Visual Artist, Rebecca Burch – Sound,  Andrew Clarke – videographer/musician, Marina Tsartsara – Videographer, Charlie Morrissey – Artistic Mentor, Simon Pascoe – Artistic Mentor