I initiated Charlotte Spencer Projects (CSP) in 2009 and use this banner to draw together a broad range of exceptional artists from the fields of choreography, dance, music, visual art, writing and the environment to produce original and exciting new work.

Our work rises from the landscape and is often designed for outdoor public spaces. We are intent on rigorous research processes, experimentation and innovation in what we make and how we make it. We are committed to creating performances that put the audience at the heart of the work, inviting them to re-engage with their bodies through action and participation. We hope this gives permission for sensitive, human and thought-provoking experiences that challenge people to rethink their relationships with each other and the world around them.

We work in diverse and unusual places and spaces in order to open up new forms of conversation, change where performances happen, and how choreographic work is both made and encountered.  Aiming to dissolve boundaries between stage and life, we have taken projects to parks, galleries, beaches, forests, urban wasteland spaces, libraries, schools as well as theatres. We are determined to present outstanding, transformative art that lingers in the bodies and minds of all who engage with it.

This website was initially set up as a blog to provide an online space for our thoughts, responses and current choreographic ideas related to contemporary dance practice. Making work in a studio is often a private, closed experience – where only the collaborators have the advantage of knowing the process, and the ideas that lie behind the outcomes. Notions of Journeying in 2010 provided the start point for this blog. Through the rehearsal process many of the artists involved in the project contributed their experiences and thoughts – the insight of the response to tasks I set from my collaborators was of huge interest to me and hopefully provided a more holistic sense of the project to people reading the blog. It worked so well that we are continuing it indefinitely! Since then the scale, reach and ambition of our projects has grown exponentially and the website has developed with it. The blog is still an important aspect and provides a home for detailed written material about current projects, interests and reflections, so please do have a browse.

Our aim through the blog thread of this website is to provide a space for people outside of the studio walls to have a glimpse into our working process and the materials from which my artistic interests stem. It is also to give us the challenge of trying to write about what we’re doing as it develops – so inherently tricky to articulate something 2-dimensionally that is utterly physical, web-like, messy, and multi-dimensional.

Charlotte Spencer