Tales from the making of ‘Is this a Waste Land?’

by Keren Kossow 

So, this week has been, shall we say, frustrating, to say the very least in Waste Land world. For a little window, here are all the things that have gone wrong (that we can actually admit to!):

On Saturday I went to London for the weekend with the only key for the padlock that gives us access to the site. This left Charlotte and Tom scrambling over the fence like teenagers on Sunday afternoon. Not the best way to look like you have permission to be somewhere.

We have had four different sets of wireless headphones and transmitters sent to us that have just not turned up – two different addresses, two different companies sending the headphones, two different courier companies. no headphones appearing. let’s not talk about the ones that did arrive!

We’ve been using some lovely work gloves whilst making the piece and wanted to order 100 pairs of them. But they are out of stock.

We tried to order 20 beautiful long bamboo poles from our bamboo pole supplier, but they have run out of bamboo poles.

Charlotte, Petra and Louise all tried to wash some clothes in the washing machine, but it broke halfway through the cycle with all the water and the clothes and the soap inside. Charlotte now smells particularly soapy. 

We are all staying at a delightful place called Broccoli Bottom (much to the amusement of all the delivery companies and suppliers we are working with!) which is in the very beautiful county of Rutland and is a half hour drive from the site. There is a very handy bus that goes straight from here to our site which Louise tried to catch yesterday morning as there wasn’t quite enough space in the car. But the bus didn’t turn up.

On Monday we spent a day with the lovely Mark Brennan in his sound recording studio in Corby recording all the text for the performance (a very exciting day!) I had agreed to pay Mark in cash at the end of the day, but I failed to tell anyone about it so there was no cash and poor Mark was left wondering if we were going to do a runner! [This has been sorted, sorry Mark, thank you for your understanding of my mental state!]

And it is only Wednesday. 

And, remember, these are only the things that are appropriate to share! 

But we had a full moon last night, surely the energy will now shift? If you are reading this and have an inclination, do feel free to send us some positive energy (and maybe some headphones in the post?)

One thought on “Tales from the making of ‘Is this a Waste Land?’

  1. This is quite funny looks like you have found your sense of humour already !!! Well I’m
    Trying to txt you and my daughter is playing with my chin and cheeks making funny face and thinks this is hillarious umm not amused ha ha well if there is anything I can do just let me know and I will do my best 🙂 Also I am working pa and sound man sat night at the kingfisher corby and then out celebrating my birthday possibly might head back to the studio later for some more music ha ha ok take care all and see you Friday thx Mark 🙂👍

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