Walking Stories in Dance Umbrella 2015

Walking Stories DU

Dance Umbrella is London’s international festival for Dance. It has been running for almost 40 years and in that time built up huge reputation and international profile. It is therefore an absolute pleasure to have been invited to bring Walking Stories to this years festival with 35 shows no less across 15 days in 4 London Parks!

It will be somewhat of a marathon and I’m praying daily to the weather gods already, but I’m totally up for it! In several of our planning meetings, Artistic Director, Emma Gladstone offered that we had one day off a week or something – ‘won’t you get tired?’ she kept saying. We both loved the idea that Walking Stories would be happening somewhere every day of the festival and that the question would not be ‘when’ but ‘where’. And so there we have it, from the first Saturday of the festival – 17th October until 31st October we will be there, come rain or shine. I will sleep for several days in early November…

For those of you who don’t know, Walking Stories, it is an hour long audio walk for parks. You don’t come to watch Walking Stories: you live it, breathe it, build and dismantle it. Suppled with an mp3 players and headphones, this audio walk for parks gives you a completely immersive experience that removes you from the clutter of everyday life. Moving between watching, listening and following instructions, this piece take you on a journey with yourself and your companions. Almost before realising it, you will be absorbed into a spontaneous walking dance.

We look forward to sharing this work with you in October. All bookings are through the Dance Umbrella Website

The whole festival programme is really exciting – in particular I’m looking forward to catching Dan Canham’s new work, Of Riders and Running Horses.

image by Kimbal Bumstead.

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