Living right now, a personal manifesto

In the face of uncertain times and an increasingly fragile planet, how do we live right now? How can we live right now?

  • What supports us?
  • What do we actually do?
  • What do we feel?
  • What do we think about?
  • How do we respond?

How do I live right now?

I try and make going for walks a priority
I try to create beautiful things that have purpose
Sometimes I feel overwhelmed
Then I feel small.
I ignore and continue with life.
I try to live in ways that have a feeling of rightness
I put energy into creating artwork that encourages people to spend more time with their body, with nature.
I think about embodiment.
I wonder about direct action.
I try to gather people around me
I look for more simplicity in my life – it doesn’t always work
I look for ways to enjoy all that we have
I try to be present with what is happening now.
I hope to take care and nourish the small things.
I ride my bike, I don’t ride planes
I don’t eat animals, and I hate wasting stuff.

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