making manifestos for moving

I’ve been thinking a lot about how what I do and what parts of what I do make me an artist. I spend a lot of time in front of this screen doing things that don’t make me feel particularly creative, and the longer that I get engrossed in those things, somehow the harder it is to step off and embark on something where time needs to become more spongy and outcomes more blurry – there is less concrete (which is a good thing, but concrete is familiar terrain and falling/potential failing is a precarious business).

any way back to manifestos…what do I commit myself to do in order to step off the concrete and go bouncing in the blurry spongy world? believing that there are useful things to uncover in those places….the latest version on the train to London recently

I will try to stay close to the ground
I aim to remain agile and flexible in responding
To be clear and respectful about money
To value mine and other people’s time
To appreciate and thank all those who come to help
To be rigourous. To read the definition of rigorous.
To honour my need for time out and others need for that also
To be driven by the work not the money or status it might bring
To be personal
To be vulnerable
To be honest
Generosity goes a long way but not at the cost of mental health
Stay open, active and present
These are not so different from my marriage vows or a general code for living
find more ways into presence
Do some physical every day
Climb the walls
Sit on top of them with banners
At some point stop questioning
Take away the words and enter a living space
Watch from upside down
Promise to do things differently

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