Partnering up with Sound and Music

We are really excited to have started work with our new partners, Sound and Music as part of their Incubator Programme. I went to meet with Nick Sherrard, the head of development, digital and communications at their offices in Somerset House last week to discuss the details of our new audience development strategy – so business like! The Incubator Programme supports projects that are looking at new and innovative ways to reach new music audiences and we will be experimenting with a few different approaches in the coming months. I’ll let you know whether any of it worked at the end of the summer season! Watch this space. In the mean time, we are really happy to have our first substantial non-dance partner on board. It does feel really fitting to be working with the National Agency for Contemporary Music given that Walking Stories is…..err an AUDIO walk.

Soon we’ll have a dedicated project page on the Sound and Music website and will be contributing regularly to their blog – I’ll keep you posted with all this goes live.

Thank you to Tristan Shorr for making the initial contact, and thank you to Sound and Music for embarking on this journey with us.

More to follow anon.



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