The Supper Room

It was a real pleasure to be invited by Greenwich Dance to curate the first in their new series of Supper Room evenings, and it provided us with the opportunity to share the experience of our project, Cycle Stories from 2013. Several people told me that The Supper Room at Greenwich Dance on 17th January felt like a wedding. I think that’s a good sign! I wanted to created an informal atmosphere of exchange, celebration and playfulness – I think weddings have many of those qualities. Lots of friendly familiar faces arrived mixed in with plenty of new ones, combined with delicious food, great music and a touch of the extraordinary. Little clues took people to different parts of the room to investigate, explore, perhaps discover something new.

Tristan, Tom and Bruno played live music all evening, Janine Harrington and Elodie Escarmelle did a remarkable job of keeping time throughout the evening with Janine’s human clock installation and Alex Moran served up close to 80 plates of food (without a kitchen!) with an army of serving helpers from Greenwich Dance. People looked like they were having a good time (but perhaps they were pretending!). We all watched Cycle Stories – the film, on a big screen, for the first time. I know that it was a little nerve-wracking for David (our filmmaker) – I guess a similar sensation to watching the first public performance of a new choreographic work – it’s surprisingly hard to watch and relax… But I, for one, watched it filled with happy memories and nostalgia for that wonderful, exhausting, crazy project that it was. That evening was the first time that all of the CSP team who worked on Cycle Stories were in the same room together again, and it reminded me how privileged I was to have had such a talented and committed group of artists working with me.

I think that is plenty of gushing for now – it starts to sound like an emotional wedding speech, so I will stop and save that for a different moment! Thank you to Kat Bridge and everyone at Greenwich Dance for having us. I think I can let Alicia Clarke’s pictures tell the rest of the evening. Until next time…


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