Morning Class with Charlotte Spencer Projects

@ Greenwich Dance 20th – 24th May

Class is based on a strong belief that dancing is a highly physical, and highly intelligent art – but most importantly, it is fun. An approach to class where improvisation informs set material and vice versa. Emphasis is placed on the body as sensory and tactile, giving more depth and individuality to the physical ideas as the class progresses. Movement grows from the ground, supporting organization and clarity through developmental movement patterns. These basic patterns are a means to an end – helping us find useful information with our bodies, not to remember ‘steps’ or co-ordinations, but to find connections that can sustain us as we dance. End sequences are offered as templates for individual play allowing space for individual decisions towards timing and quality.Based around the whole of the body as potential surface, they have the potential to be quite dynamic and physical.

The classes will be team taught by a combination of company members and accompanied by the company’s sound artists making and live manipulating electronic sound.

Teachers: Jennifer-Lynn Crawford, Rohanna Eade, Charlotte Spencer

Accompanists: Tom Spencer, Tristan Shorr

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