Cycle Stories – full steam ahead!

Arts Council Success!

We are extremely excited and happy to announce that the substantial funding application to Arts Council England for Cycle Stories has been successful. Together with a wide range of co-commissioners and partners, Cycle Stories 2013 is full steam ahead. We are busy getting prepared and geared up, and we start cycling on Saturday 11th May. The core group will be cycling the first leg from Brighton to Portsmouth on our way to our first residency at CCN Caen, France. It would be wonderful to have a good send-off so why not come and join us for a saturday cycle on along the south coast? More details to follow.

After this initial dip into France, we will be back in England on 18th May and off to London, Kent, through Sussex to Hampshire, and up to Bristol. The tour will return to France in July with the cycling team legging it down to Le Pacifique|CDC, Grenoble to complete the creation period. Performances of the completed work, Walking Stories will be touring from mid-August in the UK. Keep watch for dates and details.

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