immediate responses from Cycle Stories, the draft

After Tom and Tristan were up all night on Friday getting the draft of Cycle Stories in a form that was ready to share, we took our first groups of ‘testers’ out into the gardens at Dartington on Saturday and Sunday to see what they made of our audio walk so far. Thankfully the rain stopped and we could enjoy being outdoors. Here are a few tiny snippets of initial thoughts that people had afterwards. I will write a more detailed summary of our work in the last few weeks – pictures and video clips to follow also, but for now, here are a few fragments:

As I walked I wanted to know where they were and who they were.
As I walked I saw a figure crouched low to the ground, hand on the earth her edges lit brightly by the sun spilling in through the trees.
your hand rested on the wet step where droplets fell like tears. 
rambling, my hands
i was in a together place but separated somehow in the igloo of my headphones. 
I felt innocence beauty and wonder I saw it all and with no concepts. 
As I walked I found that this unusual place felt like home again

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