Cycle Stories – R&D – Arts Council Success!

I discovered last week that my application to the Arts Council for the research and development phase of my new major project, Cycle Stories was successful!

Cycle Stories promises to be a hugely exciting project that marks out new choreographic territory for me. In 2013, Cycle Stories will become an hour long fully participatory audio walk. During the research phase this autumn I will be working with a fantastic collection of artists to devise core material and create a short draft version of the piece.

I am interested to dissolve boundaries between performer and audience, between stage and life. In Cycle Stories the audience are themselves the performers and the ‘stage’ is their local park/green space. It is about people, journeys, mapping, creating and sharing histories. 

The thrust of Cycle Stories is to engage with the public, in the public sphere. Engaging with the public in an experimental framework, to receive their feedback, hear about their experiences, highlight any technical/logistical hurdles, clarity of instructions and effectiveness (patterning) of the choreography will be really important. If you are interested to be part of one of the ‘testing’ groups then please do get in touch!

If you are interested in playing with the draft version and the choreographic ideas related to Cycle Stories, outdoor performances and audio artwork, then we are running two open workshops: 
13th October 12 – 2pm Dartington Space, Devon £7 (£5 concs)
27th Ocotober 10.30am – 12.30pm Greenwich Park, London £7 (£5 concs)
Advance booking is essential
During our residency at Greenwich Dance 1 – 5th October we will be leading morning professional class 10.30 am – 12 noon. 

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