Cycle Stories: ‘I come from/I am from…’ Day 12

Jennifer: ‘I come from a rather dirty floor.  I come from several dirty floors in fact, my life is a series of floors.  I come from a place of floors being important.  I come from my father hoovering religiously each Sunday.  I come from having to wear socks all the time lest my foot oil disturb the sanctity of the carpet.  I come from important floors.  I am from floors that are disagreeable, hard, cold and brook no resistance.  I come from floors that seem to be telling me the ground is not a friendly surface.  I come from an unfriendly ground and so then I must inquire how that is for me.  I come from leading myself into questions like this all too often.  I come from turning myself in circles because I feel I might get somewhere this time around.  I come from a recognition of that and an absolute inability to cease circling.  I come from hard surfaces and concentric circles. I come from several rather different ideas about space and movement.  I come from linearity and spherical motion, rotation around an axis, an axis around which I rotate.’

Ben: ‘…I am from what people have made of me. Who I am is all that has been before and all my potential. I am from the most beautiful mind set which makes me sure that I am doing the right thing even though my body protests it. I am with the world. I come from spiritual connections that I can’t separate myself from. have I lived before? I quite like to think so although I would like to be a rabbit, no some kind of primate because I like the idea or a opposable toes. Imagine having hands for feet. I come from monkeys but only the clever ones…’

Anna: ‘…I come from/I am from makes me afraid. I come from/I am from makes me feel that experiences stick and don’t slide off like you might want them to…’

Sara: ‘…“I come from” funny how much I resist this statement, how my mind keeps going in doubles, duals, in two lines at the same time the impulse which comes to me seem like the conventional way of looking at it. It’s no news I don’t want to look at things according to templates but with this simple question or statement ‘I come from’, so many things about how I perceive myself and how I believe others perceive me comes out. So if I look at ‘i am from’ well the next thing is I am from the stars, some sort of hippy statement pops into my mind perhaps we have not given enough time and effort to really go to the bottom of this perhaps I am from myself, the the more interesting question is ‘what am I from?’


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