Cycle Stories: ‘We are moving…’ Day 11

Charlotte: ‘…We are moving together. coming together. separately again. we are moving towards a common place that we want to share with us with other us with life and self and speak in you and me and we, us moving. making. movie making. maybe. we are moving from this time to another in now from this Hamburg place towards disparate place. when will we move together again? and when we leave what do we take with us? what does it move in us? what we? we are moving….’

Ben: ‘We are moving together, apart, against each other, towards a goal. Each goal separate but still we are together. Move me to where I’m supposed to be otherwise I will not shift, contort, trust, misplaced occasionally. Better to fall on your face. Who needs to stop moving? Every second some part of the body is firing. trying to best itself. It’s purpose for existence….’

Jennifer: ‘…Can we move in opposite directions?  We are moving away from each other, which can be a physical distance but we can also move away from an existing intimacy, leave it to shrivel in the vacuum left by our presence.  Or maybe only one moves away and then is left to nurse this bit of emotional clingingness as it slowly collapses in on itself.  We are moving and moving we are ourselves.  We are moving each other, we are moving ourselves, alone, to make others move in a certain direction…’

Anna: ‘…We are moving towards Charlotte’s 3 hour piece. We are moving with the cranes, they are lifting and landing us. We are moving towards flight. We are moving towards compost. Sometimes we are not moving towards anything. We are moving for a reason, multiple reasons…’

Sara: ‘We are moving through space, through empty black space, no it’s not empty it’s full of glistening shards of stars, light sources, all those things you imagine being inside, filling that big empty! – space. We are moving fast, the wind catching our clothes, they are moving with us in the wind of speed, we are moving and everything around us seems to be still, solitude, solitary space all around us, but we, we are moving, together, laughing, speaking very little, just moving…’

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