Cycle Stories: ‘Today…’ Day 8; ‘Yesterday…’ Day 10

the writing streams continue…

Anna: ‘…To do the day. Today the should not be followed by I will/I might/I go. Just today. That’s enough. No anticipation. To day is the same as to now. To be. To live. To day. Today is not your own, however, and these things are not either. To be is not just your being. To be. All to being. All today-ing. Todaying. Nowing. Being. Living. Doing words… Today. As the day closes today becomes historic. A reflection – there’s less ‘nowness’ left.’

Charlotte: ‘…Today things are close to me, they draw in because they are imminent either now now or near past, near future the ripples of the pool of today are closer to me than they are when I feel yesterday or tomorrow, last week, next decade. instead I am in this intimate now, today time…’

Sara: ‘…Today is different from tomorrow. Today is yellow, perhaps and today is also an accepted idea of what we call both the chunk of time between our sleep and what we can do in this time and it is also a word with, let me see, how many letters: T O D A Y, that’s 5 letters, to describe something so complex, so full, but perhaps also something very simple if you think of it as just ‘NOW’.’

Jennifer's foot and Ben. Today...yesterday...

Jennifer: ‘…Yesterday wore itself out, gave itself up to become today.  Yesterday must be put down to rest in order for today to actually come into itself.  Yesterday, today, all this causal linearity – Yesterday is not.  Yesterday is.  In the past – Yesterday was.  yesterday is another concept, a bit of brain fluff to distract and give imaginary reasons for today’s events which often, too often, include planning for tomorrows…’

Anna: ‘…Skimmed past me. Yesterday I felt as though things could not change and remain the same. Yesterday was full of friends and laughing. Yesterday I made a leek into a head. There were day times and night times. Alan and Steve were still around…yesterday was a care free void in my careful life. Yesterday. Yesterday is now not today. Yesterday has become what today isn’t. Yesterday has become loaded. Yesterday is not remembered without the context of today or tomorrow. Yesterday changes when it has left. Yesterday is nostalgia. Yesterdays nostalgia is not feeling useful today. Yesterday is making me feel a bit annoyed. I wish to stop writing soon about yesterday.’

Sara: “Yesterday all my troubles were so far away. Yesterday all my troubles seemed closer actually, i was drowning in an overpowering feeling of loss of control, of what is going on, who i am, what i want and why. Yesterday a green light was shining in that park we passed through…yesterday, to me, today, seems like something which is about to fall off, in a very physical way, like yesterday lead me to this point but i am far more interested in tomorrow. Yesterday of course flows into my now but i want to cut it off…’

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