Cycle Stories: Start again… Day 7 cont’d

During our time in Hamburg, I initiated a series of improvisation scores that used the device of ‘start again’ which could be called at a point when someone on the ‘outside’ felt that they desired a change, a shift, a renewal, reset of some sort. Often for me, I called ‘start again’ when I felt that the quality of presence of those moving in the space had got lost a little. it proved interesting and useful as a compositional tool and as a way of encouraging increasing clarity, presence and engagement in every moment of each improvisation.

the following are a few extracts from the writing streams that run alongside these danced scores…

Charlotte: ‘…start again is like, come back. come back to yourself and start again. there is this thing of constantly starting again which makes me feel that i should stay with something for longer. does the interesting ‘thing’ happen when you start again or when you stick?…starting again to come back to me.’

Anna: ‘…To start again is abrupt. To start again. Starting again is to change – renew – to leave behind that which is started. Starting again is to start a new thing but to stop being the old thing. It’s a polite term for a hard thing. To start again is to be able to produce and throw away. Starting again is stopping preciousness…’

Sara: ‘Start again you said, or I wanted to have heard these words. Start again, how could I ever have forgotten, how can I ever forget, I want to forget what is heavy and painful and damaging – well the thing is, – it is not about starting all the heavy things again – it’s about starting the freshness & the simplicity again, as it is when you start again…’

discussing important things. Charlotte and Jennifer outside K3, Hamburg

Jennifer: ‘…Start again is to carry on but with a fresh breath, a slight adjustment of scenery.  Start again start and gain.  I gain in starting again.  To start again is not like a beginning, it doesn’t have the same melody as a return and it really avoids the whole problem of ending…’


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