Cycle stories – writing streams: ‘Keeping Going’ Day 6

Excerpts from writing streams

Jennifer: ‘… keep going on being self is a way to keep going. is there only this way? keep going on and on and round and round in circles. i keep going on and often it seems there is no end. i keep on to find the end un-end. what is there is no end?… i keep going on, running out, leaking from the cracks in my personality. a little well spring of words and movement. odd sounds. keep being safe keep being alive…’

Anna: “Keeping going, keep on going, being, be in, be in, keep on. Keeping. Keeping going, going gone. Gone. Keep gone going. Going. going gone. Being. Keeping being in going. Keeping going by being. Keeping going by being. Keep in by going. Keep in through being. Be in by being. In what though! Ahhh. Keep in it. innit. I knit. Not knit. Keeping in it. Do you knit? Being in it by being in it. Being through being. Be involved. Keep in by being involved. Keep involved. Keep being involved, Anna. Anna. Keeping going Anna. Keeping being Anna. Stop writing Anna. Being involved. Engaged. Being engaged. Being being by being engaged Anna. Going . Keeping going Anna. Keeping going engaged Anna. Anna is engage. Don’t disengage.”


Charlotte: ‘keeping going, keeping being. keep on being. Being in. Being there. Being me. Being present without the thinking about being. Less time space for thinking more going being. Keeping on is the way of forwards backwards non thinking…And what about being whilst watching. the I can’t be wishing for anything if I am truly being. Keep on going with being with what I am seeing now and now and now. this now, not tomorrow’s now. Being with these people – this Jennifer and Tom and Anna and Ben and being me with them. with less judging and more me-ness of now and now and not what was then…’

Ben: ‘…Death is the end of being …but its not because the cells that are decomposing are still evolving and becoming something new. To be, is to refresh the system constantly second by second but this could lead you to distraction and to be distracted by the world is to be a part of momentum which is itself being.’

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