Cycle stories: ‘taking off…’ day 5

Jennifer and Ben and Anna have now joined us in Hamburg. The writing streams continue to support and reflect the physical work in the studio…here they are.

writing stream: ‘taking off…”

Ben: “To take off is to wind up and release, the pressure builds momentum and then finds its deepest point of contact onto which it can exert forces- namely the floor. Taking off feels a lot like sinking even in that moment of release, one is drawn deeper in to the core to then rise up from it. Taking off can be continuous especially due to a chain reaction throughout the body- the foot/leg/ chest and then the energy through the head. Taking off for me involves a lot of the other being- no limits. So to take off is to reach the extreme of a movement even though you may be only lifting a hand. Taking off will always be the hardest, deepest part before the enjoyment of the flight can actually begin but the body only seems to notice this when it lands. “

Charlotte: “In taking off I wonder how long I can fly for and what brings me back to the land to the ground. Can I take off indefinitely? Taking off from where to where? for whom? I take off for me. Taking off needs preparation, but how much and does it affect how long I can be taken off for? And taken off to where anyhow. i have taken off. I take off. Take. Take what? The more I write the less sense it makes and the more strange that word ‘take’ looks. take from whom. for what reason? for flying? where is the relationship to the ground in taking off? Is taking off really just about my desire to fly? slowly building pressure, resistance through the air so that I can take off again and again and again. there is a gap in time between deciding and taking.”

Jennifer: “I take off the hair from my sleeve, i have taken off from the ground but sideways. sometimes in taking off i reveal repeal peel kneel. in taking off of a time or two or three. to take off one’s hat, clothes, shoes, all sorts of interesting associations. i take off my head for strangers. taking off of the ceiling the floor and the walls. i have taken off in flight down. of taking, to take off, take off of a new idea. a new approach to landing. to take off one must land first. in taking off i am taken. taken of myself. taken a token off. of taking off is now taking off is always happening. take off is continuous movement that keeps us moving. take off is anti-stillness. in take off, landing gear is made ready by the take off itself. take off your hat. take off your impressions. taking off layers of boring words and taking off a filter or two.”

Thomas: “taking off into up, only up without down. taking off from ground. leaving it behind pulled into up away. taken off into bathing upwards – suspended into timelessness because gravity is not. taking off to another way away away i took off many times but felt like once once is the same as twice up is homogeneous.”

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