Cycle stories: day 3 – Landings

writing stream: Landings

Thomas: “layers of (dust and) skins, expanding outwards, knees bulging, falling backward into air- becoming land, into or out to land, spreading all over. I am going into land, fading outward – into a patch of layers, becoming area. three dimensions becoming area, reforming me, dissolving into area again. Deciding to go into earth, deciding to fade, expanse, away, widened and flat. I land. Wept into land.”

Charlotte: “Landing through the thickness of air into the ground. Being landed. Becoming the ground in order to become the sky again so that I can start landing once more. this action of landing connects the ground to the sky through body. Landing from where to where. Is it possible to always be landing? Landing suggests flying. Being air bourne. land born. Landing. landing in the skin in the density of pressure. There is resistance in this landing. Landing is controlled because if it weren’t controlled we would give it another name like falling or collapsing. Landing has more resistance. Once landed become the ground there is this thing of composting in order for new life, new growing, new flying for more landing earthing. Landing is part of this life cycle, living and dying.”

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