Europe travels June and July 2011

For the last month I have been ‘on the road’. In June I found myself ‘a dancer’ again. I was working for Rainer Müntinga for a performance as part of Open Dans Festival in Rotterdam. Together we re-visited a solo “I ehm…well”  that Rainer had created for me in Limerick in 2008. It was an interesting and energising experience for us both to come back to it after nearly 3 years. See what had remained, what changed, what really mattered, what didn’t, how we were different…

From Amsterdam I travelled by train to Santiago de Compostela. (Including delayed train which meant that I missed the night train from Paris to Burgos…so an unexpected night and day in hot and humid Paris where the air was thick and heavy). Santiago and A Corũna were the locations of the final meeting of the Tour d’Europe programme that I’ve been part of since september 2010. Warm, sunny, learning circus skills, plenty of Sangria and (some) talking about dance, art, what next with the programme…

Two days in the beautiful countryside of Asturias – the mountains and the sea followed before I made the lengthy (but delightful) train journey back to Amsterdam.

And then yesterday Tom G and I hitch hiked to Hamburg from Amsterdam. I have a residency at the K3 Choreographic Centre – Kampnagel in Hamburg for 2 weeks. I am starting research for a new project, ‘Cycle Stories’. Today was the first day of rehearsals.

My pre-occupations with Time, journey, process, cycle, re-cycle continue to intrigue me. And during my recent travels I have just finished reading an excellent book ‘Pip Pip – A sideways look at Time’ by Jay Griffiths. The words of this book certainly are with me as I start this new research. How do we measure time? What is important? How arbitrary is clock time? There is much more to say and I will come back to it later. But now to the first day of rehearsals.

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