a little clip of the process and sacrum dances

Andrew, a friend of Jennifer’s came to a rehearsal during our residency at The Point. And he came with his video camera. He filmed us talking and an improvisation score that we practiced daily. This short edited film shows beautifully everything that is not the piece – but rather the food for the piece. From it you get a feeling for the space (the Creation Space at The Point where the Premiere on 18th May will be), the quality and energy of the group, all the ‘stuff’ that supports the work happening. The dancing is not any of the movement from the piece itself. It is from what I call ‘sacrum dancing’ – an improvisation that we practiced every day. It became a necessary part of our ritual. We are all missing it now in the break between rehearsals! Like all daily practices, some were remarkable and revelationary, some were ‘going through the motions’, others frustrating… Gradually this daily dance became the spine of the group (which had always been my hope and intention). For me they were deeply personal and emotional and some of the most beautiful dances that I have witnessed, been part of. Gavin and Tom (and whoever else happened to be in the studio) joined in, and together we had a shared experience that connected us to each other, to our centre’s and to the ground. Ok, enough gushing, here is Andrew’s beautiful clip.

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