Writing streams: Gavin and Charlotte

During the first week of rehearsals, towards the end of one day when we were all feeling a little tired in our bodies and body brains, I asked everyone in the group to come and sit down with their notebooks. We spent 5 mins doing a writing stream. The rules: to continue writing constantly throughout that 5 mins, every sentence to start with either ‘I am from’ or ‘I come from’. I was curious to see what would come without too much thought. What about the people and the project would present itself. Every single piece of writing was beautiful, honest, poetic, personal, unique.

To get started, here is Gavin’s:

a note on the text from Gavin:

this was an interesting exercise for me, as i wouldn’t ever usually consider writing a text with so many ‘i’s in; otherwise the text is a direct flow referencing a suprising number of things: the exercise itself (‘coming from writing’); elements associated with the project (breath, sea, waves, etc); chinese & japanese philosophy (the ‘uncarved block’ is a taoist image, timebeing – uji – is an essay by the 13th century zen master eihei dogen that i was reading as part of my preparation for the project); and also actual perceived events happening at that time – the ‘voices from below’, ‘sound of writing’, and ‘sound passing from overhead’ – a plane.

the above text is really the third version; the original exercise was hand written, and isn’t as spatially formed as the version above, although i was certainly aware that it would lean that way if typed up later; i was also writing with the awareness that i would be reading the text, and so encouraged myself to be open to a kind of stream of writing that would have a musical rhythm to it when read – performed – and in fact the words were appearing in thought as sounded, so the hand-written version isn’t perhaps really the ‘first’ version at all….

And in complete contrast, this was mine:

“I come from a place of responsibility. I am from the woods which are fresh with the smell of spring coming. I am from a place of anxiety and fall into a place of pleasure. I come from nowhere. I come from everywhere. I am from every universal pattern inside me outside me. I come from the environment. I come from the oceans that are changing and the rivers that are branching and in the droplets of puddles that extend beyond every border. I am from my head. I come from my head in my heart, my heart expanding over the fields that are panning. I am from the world of the world a place that is bleeding and a land that is dying. I am alive, in this studio I come alive. I come form a body that has forgotten to dance. I come into a body that loves to dance. I come from a desire to be honest and open and truthful.”

If the others agree, I will upload their writing streams over the next few days as well. In the mean time, there are photographs and films coming and glimpses of the project and the sensations it holds will be shared and felt. I will write more tomorrow. Today I leave you with one image from rehearsals during our residency at The Point, Eastleigh.

Petra Soor, Tom Goodwin, Jennifer-Lynn Crawford, Tom Spencer, Gavin Osborn. Image by Marina Tsartsara.

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