work starting

Full rehearsals for The Nature of Things start on Monday (as in day after tomorrow!) I am brimming with excitement and apprehension. It has been a year of research and gathering funds and making preparations and now we have to get to it! And in the knowledge that probably lots of the plans will be thrown out of the window once we actually get going, because wonderful ideas in theory are nothing like the real thing…and we will no doubt have new discoveries that feel much more relevant, and come across new challenges and problems to solve. But this is it – this is where the creativity and the magic of 6 wonderful, talented artists chewing over the same sets of ideas in a concentrated space come together. I am curious to see what it is that we end up making!

Come and join company class this coming Friday 25th February 10 – 11.30am at London Buddhist Arts Centre, Eastbourne House, Bollards Place, E2 (closest tube Bethnal Green) £4. Class will be led by Jennifer-Lynn Crawford.

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