Patrons Launch 5th December and next Residency at Yorkshire Dance

To celebrate, the great up take so far of the Patrons Scheme that I initiated in August, I am holding a Launch at The Place, London on Sunday 5th December. There will be some drinking, some dancing from the very lovely Jennifer-Lynn Crawford, and some chatting, with the opportunity for more chatting in the pub afterwards! If anyone is interested to join us and find out more, do get in touch…

We will jump on the train straight from the pub and head to Leeds for another short residency at Yorkshire Dance 6-9th December. Again, Jennifer-Lynn will be teaching morning contemporary class, open for all local professional dancers. 9.30- 11am Monday – Thursday.

The week will continue the research I am currently looking at in relation to dynamic patterning found in nature. Every time we come together, the research materials get more extensive – fractals, bird migration patterns, ocean currents, geometric patterning in the make-up of our skin! Gavin and Jennifer have been fantastic at digging up huge stacks of relevant information/You tube clips/ideas/questions. It is exciting (if sometimes a little overwhelming!) to have such enthusiastic people on board with me. Dancer, Petra Soor will be joining the project from 6th December, so I am very much looking forward to the contribution that she will bring.

I did try to upload some of the text bodies and scores that Gavin has been producing in relation to this line of enquiry, but I can’t seem to get the blog to format the work properly, and it needs to look a certain way… I will try again!



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