Residency at Yorkshire Dance 25/26th October 2010

I will be working on some more initial research ideas for my new project, The Nature of Things during a brief residency next week at Yorkshire Dance. On Monday 25th and Tuesday 26th October, Jennifer-Lynn Crawford will be leading professional morning class – Please come, if you live in Leeds/close by – or pass the word on!

Open Residency Class with Jennifer Lynn Crawford
Mon 25th-Tues 26th October 9.30-11.00am

Class is based on a strong belief that dancing is a highly physical, and highly intelligent art – but most importantly, it is fun.  Emphasis is placed on the body as sensory and tactile, giving more depth and individuality to the physical ideas as the class progresses.  Movement develops from shorter weight-based, whole-body phrases into more exploratory ideas and leads into substantial movement sequences – longer in length, allowing space for individual decisions towards timing and quality.  End sequences can be quite dynamic and physical – they are based around the whole of the body as potential surface, and rely on the individual creating a strong relationship with the ground and their own intent.


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