Change of Plans

I have some sad news and some good news…the performance at Fabrica, in Brighton on Saturday – which everyone was looking forward to SOOOOO much, has had to be cancelled. Unfortunately the installation that the performance was to be set against has partly collapsed and it is too dangerous to dance in most of the space – because the installation runs through the whole space… HOWEVER if you are still curious, then we are doing a similar performance on the same evening at a different venue in Brighton – a place called Coachwerks, 19 Hollingdean Terrace. The performance will be more of a ‘happening’ that you can get involved in and will be the first of a collection of performances by different artists. Should be a fun night. Doors at 7.30pm. For more details check out

Sorry again!

On another note, I was in Halifax all last week starting work on a new project – The Nature of Things (working title). It was really a week of many experiments between movement and sound and rhythm and tying our bodies and our brains in knots. The plan is too develop a new live performance piece through this autumn and spring 2011. I will keep you posted with its development.

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