reminders, associations, apologies and a new idea

Apologies: I have been quite terrible at writing here recently – many apologies for those committed followers (probably mostly my collaborators and my mother…) I am currently back to planning and proposal writing for a new project, and these activities don’t exactly entice me to write creatively – though that would probably help. Anyhow, some interesting things have been happening.

Reminder: I think it’s on the events page, but incase you have not ventured that far…

28th August 2010 2-3pm Walking a Fine Line at FABRICA, Brighton.

Walking a Fine Line is a series of live events and conversations curated by Charlie Morrissey, in which invited dance artists show extracts of existing works within the context of the current exhibition at FABRICA by Frederic Geurts. Each event will include elements of performance and an informal discussion between the artist and Charlie Morrissey, drawing out the parallels between their work and that of the exhibition.

On Saturday 28th August, I will be the artist in focus. We will show an extract from Mountain Dialogues with dancing from Jennifer-Lynn Crawford, live sound from Tom Spencer and an opportunity for the audience to interact both with the work and the exhibition physically. Come!

New Ideas: I am chewing over some ideas for a new work ‘The Nature of Things’ with sound artist and brilliant, ultimate geek (I love geeks) – Gavin Osborn, and old time collaborators Jennifer, Tom, (hopefully Amy and Nick!) taking inspiration from an amazing book ‘Li’ by David Wade, and some intriguing text bodies by Gavin. Aspects of physicality draw the different sources together and the new work seeks to look at dynamic form in nature, presenting a series of images that derive from a broad range of naturally occurring formations or dynamic patterns as embodied in all things living, human relationships and the highest human values. Examples of these patterns are branching patterns, natural maze patterns, river drainage systems, wind and current patterns in sand etc… So watch this SPACE!

Teaching at London Contemporary Dance School (LCDS): In the mean time, during the first two weeks of July I taught a group of wonderful 1st Year students from LCDS for their end of year project. Together we carried out our own Notions of Journeying project and made a new short piece. Tom came in for the final few days and performed the sound live which gave a truer sense of completion – as ever, fabulous!! The students responded really well to my demands and the high expectations I had of them. We produced a complex, and intricately structured piece in just 9 days, falling between dense, rich movement material and very particular pathways, and they performed with amazing maturity and presence. It was an absolute pleasure, and so exciting to see the possibilities of working with a much larger group of dancers – I think 14 in the end.

New Images: Sara Popowa took some beautiful images of Mountain Dialogues at Coachwerks on the day of the performance there in June. Finally I get my act together to upload them, so here are a few…

….and this one is a real treasure – Tom and his rehearsal costume…what a delight!

The Exhibition: I did also complete a series of screen prints – black ink on canvas stretched over wooden frames of 8 of the journey maps. This exhibition runs alongside the dance work and creates a context for the work. Below are photographs of a couple of the images. They are all A1 size and if you are interested they are for sale in limited editions…do get in touch if you’re curious.

Other news: Through Dance Ireland I have been selected to be part of a new Europe wide Network to support young and talented choreographers and help them develop networks in an international context. The initiative, Tour d’Europe des Choreographes is a pilot scheme involving 5 partner countries and 2 selected choreographers from each country. Between September 2010 and July 2011, all 10 choreographers meet for a week in each host country. Together we will travel to France, Germany, Poland, Ireland and Spain, receive training, mentoring, experience the dance community in each place. Personally I think the potential for sparking new international collaborations is high – excitedly looking forward… First up is Grenoble for a week in September.

From October of this year I will be becoming an Associate artist at The Point, Eastleigh. This is exciting news and I am looking forward to seeing how much my relationship with the creative team there develops over the coming year. Essentially the opportunity offers me substantial residency studio space together with strong advocacy, training and professional development. I hope to make positive contribution to the artistic community.

It is in my mind that I promised some more in depth thoughts on the my reading of ‘The Art of Travel’ by Alain de Botton. I have not yet put pen to paper, but it is coming! For now this is all. Until next time.

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