Mountain Dialogues – the trailer…

fresh from the press, beautifully filmed and edited by Marina Tsartsara. A short summing up of Mountain Dialogues. Take a peak…

so if anyone knows how to embed videos from Vimeo into wordpress blogs then let me know – I can’t seem to make it understand my desires…sorry. Technology catches up slowly with me.

More updates to follow shortly.

5 thoughts on “Mountain Dialogues – the trailer…

      • Did you try doing it in “HTML” mode (instead of “Visual” mode)? In the edit post page, above and on the right hand side of the toolbar above your text, click “HTML”. This allows you to see the code that makes the blog post – you can then put

        and it should work. I’ve just tried it, and found that it didn’t work in Visual mode, but it did work in HTML mode.

        Hope this helps.

    • I’ve done a bit more digging. It seems other people have been having similar problems, though wordpress seems to have solved them. To be absolutely certain you’re doing it right, start a new blank post, go into “HTML” mode, then type (don’t copy & paste) the shortcode [vimeo with a closing square bracket at the end, then give the post a title and publish it. If this doesn’t work, submit a support request and mention which theme you’re using.

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