Rohanna – Journal Extracts and rehearsal Conversations

Monday 22nd March

How do you start hanging standing going to the floor?  Usually because the hanging standing  has come from the floor I am in the ‘flow by the time I come to standing.  What are the rules?  What am I doing?  Finding a position and noticing how my limbs are arranged.  Rearranging slightly to increase the sense of form, placing things in space.  Moving towards or away from a point of focus and finding myself in a new position.  Choosing between changing individual body parts or letting the whole body fall out of a position.

Thinking about Andy Goldsworthy’s work: if you see one thing in isolation it’s not very interesting but when you start to see the body of work there is a context and the work refers to itself making the whole thing stronger.

Tuesday 23rd March

Condensed version of material.  Something that goes away from it;s centre and comes back in on itself.  Made me think of the flocking idea again- central axis, falling, rolling, sliding, gravity shifting, rounding, doming, spiralling.

Wednesday 24th March

The idea that in performance there is something to ‘‘get’, to understand and that somehow the idea of ‘’getting it’ means that you’ve attained it, you’ve arrived.  This as opposed to the idea that art can be an experience.  However you experience the work or respond is perfect.  Linking to the material which is named ‘getting somewhere’ which is essentially about not getting anywhere, stasis, attempt and retreat.  The future is a mirage that disappears when we arrive.  Something held at arms length.  Arrival and departure are always back to back.  The strength in pausing, not stopping or dropping.  Visually framing material, allowing you to ‘see.

more to come…

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