Some images of work in progress

Throughout the rehearsal process, visual artist and photographer, Glasshopper has been dipping in and out of the studio. He has captured some great moments – take a look at the gallery, and some of the previous posts…he has also caught some of the moments of discussion, confusion, thinking.

i love images that show the questions and problems that arise from any artistic practice…almost as much as the final images of the great, pristine results that follow – well maybe! the uncertainty, the trying of many ideas, is just as much a part of the making, and since this is a research project, and a research project that is looking at process and journey – what it is to be in the midst of something that is infinite…it seems appropriate for some of that process to be revealed.

Charlotte, Rohanna and the heater...

Tamar and Rohanna

…the moments of resting, thinking, taking a moment ‘out’ to re-find the ‘thing’…wondering, what next….

Tamar - resting, thinking

in conversation

Amy Bell

Amy, a friend and a dancer joined us for a few days of rehearsals in Brighton and at Jerwood Space in London. I have found her insight and observations accurate and revealing – it such a valuable resource to have pairs of trusted eyes in the studio. Here she is taking a look at one of the journey maps – I gave her one of the tasks that I had been working on with the others – to give her an experiential slice of the work and its process. She will be joining the project for the final two weeks of rehearsals.


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